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New to this, Need Help!


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Ok, here is my story in short.

Live in a very rural area, even dail up would cost me long distance charge per minute. Not having internet is not an option. I run to websites, need to keep them up to date.

Here is my delima, I called and ordered DW, the installer showed to install and guess what (NO EQUIPMENT) he says he cant install because I have not received my equipment. DW says it should of been mailed to me. Turned out FedEx could not find my house so they sent it back to perfect 10 (who actually distributes the equipment).

Now here it is a week later, still no DW and I looked around a little and found a guy selling his equipment since he cant afford DW anymore. I got to thinking would be cheaper for me to buy his for $100 and have the installer install ($175). Once he calls me back I hope to find out it is a DW4000, since I hear their faster is that correct? Also does the DW4000 or any modem require a phone line? I don't think it does since it is suppose to be two-way. Right now I have the entire install on hold because I am not sure what to do, get the new DW6000 and pay for it brand new, or just get the in working condition used equipment and save money, thats providing it is a DW4000. What would you do?

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Yeah, that is what I am leaning towards right now just because I read so much in this forum and everyone is boosting the DW4000 over the DW6000. I have my fingers crossed and hope he tells me it is a 4000.

So do the DW4000 require any phone lines? I don't have a land line because that would even cost me an arm and a leg.

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I can't say for sure....the DW4000 is a two way that use to need a phone line for initial setup only...but I understand the latest software release did away with that. I still have one of those. There's also a 4020 and some 3000 series. I'm not familiar with those but some did use phone line for upload and sat for download.. :lol:

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I called and talked to customer service, they said it is alright to buy an older DW4000 model and have it activated. They also said the only thing that would stop it from getting installed is any payments not payed for that perticular system. I will just make sure the dude has his bills all payed up and everything is clean. I hope to hear from him tonight!

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