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Windows 7 BSOD


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In the last 3-5 days I've had more machines running 7 BSOD out, and most of them are unrecoverable. Re-imaging required due to the entire directory structure being deleted.  (yes there are ways to 'fix' this problem, but at the cost of precious time)


I've warned clients about using yahoo and hotmail yet they continue running until they lose their system from the flash exploit deluge. Now if the two are related I've yet to have time to discern what the actual issue is. Outside of being very familiar to several past exploits which accomplished the very same task. 



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Why is it that hotmail and yahoo are so much more susceptible than gmail for instance.  Does gmail just have better security and filtering?  I route all my mail through gmail and I pretty much only see the emails I want to see and should see.


BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) for anyone who doesn't know.


Actually, it's unfortunate but I'm sure that everyone knows what it is.. you just might not know the acronym off the top of your head. 


Can flash just die already?  There should be a class action lawsuit brought up for their update process... we shouldn't have to see their stupid website, trying to sell us sh*t we don't want, every time we update because of THIER security flaws.  It's like they do it on purpose to keep the consumer aware of them.  Eff those guys... (but thanks for Photoshop)   :ph34r: 

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