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Tony Colletta

Win 7 and Win 10 to Tweak or no?

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Hi everyone I have Verizon Fios 100/100 plan.On Verizon's test site or Okla I consistantly get about  94 to 96mb's up and down with 2 laptops one with Win 7 the other win 10..This site show much less speed.Why is that?Also,isn't windows 7 and 10 adjusting the internet settings automatically and do not need  tweaking programs?

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Well,According to speedtest.net I'm getting 0ver 95% of my rated speed so I don't see the point in tweaking it.This site  here will not let me finish a speed teat.It hangs at 95 or 97%.



Finally let me finish the combined test...Much less than speedtest.net




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