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At&T Internet service

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There is something wrong with them. They say it isn't. I don't understand why they don't want their service to compete with everyone else.  I lived in the desert they were my only choice. I left the desert came to a major city. Los Angeles California and it still sucks. Now I am stuck in a contract. To have unlimited access to the internet costs over 300 US dollars a month for cellular service. They bill  by the amount of data you choose to select for your monthly use. It's the worst service I have ever had. I tried to make an appt on my att account page to go in and let them have a look at my phone. The connection timed out and froze. That's ridiculous. My connection tested 93% slower than average across the board.  With Wifi it tested 63% slower. I thought it was because I was in the desert initially that is what I was told. I want out of this contract my job is Internet based. Any ideas anyone?

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What city are you in?  What are your contract terms?

I got out of a contract with CenturyLink once, fairly easily.  First I made sure that I knew an address that they didn't service.  I then called them and told them I was moving and wanted to check to see what they offered in my "new area".  Gave them the bunk address and she said, "I'm sorry, we don't offer service at that address."  --- "Oh well, then I guess I'm going to have to get service with someone else.  You'll let me out of my contract, right?"  --- they have no choice really.  They can't hold you to a service contract if they can't deliver the service to your "new address".   -- after they've let you out, and they will, they may want to forward the final bill to that address.  Tell them that you're not exactly sure when you'll be in there and you're just having the post office forward your mail, you don't want your final bill sent to someone else... but really, if you did... who cares.  May make the story more believable.  In my case I had them send my final bill to a friend in California outside their area.  :twisted:

The problem is that AT&T is pretty much everywhere that there's phone service.  If you have a hard time finding an address that they don't service you may also be able to get them on a technicality if you give them an address that they have service at... but doesn't offer comparable levels of service to what you have now. (or in your case, what they SAY you have).  For instance, if you have a 10 Mbps package and the area you're "moving to" only has 1.5 Mbps offered you can tell them that you want to seek comparable service with someone else.  They have to let you out of your contract if they can't deliver comparable levels of service at the new address... even if they service the address.  Look to rural areas, in the mountains and forests.  Use their own website to check the serviceability.  ;)   8-)

Next time you get service with anyone... don't go with a company that has a contract.  Unless you're a business you should never be under contract for Internet service.  The companies who want to lock you into a contract are usually the weaker choices in terms of speed.  If you have cable in your area... you usually can't go wrong.  Cable is almost always the best choice in any area.  They don't have to put you in a contract because they know that they're the best.  Let me put it this way... In my area, if I wanted something comparable to what I have with cable, I'd need to get at least 5 of the fastest DSL connections offered by CenturyLink and combine them.  Even if they were both at the same level of speed... cable is superior technology and makes for a more stable connection.

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Seems like ATT service sucks where ever you are and whatever platform you are on.  I have been fighting them for years over poor and inconsistent connections and speed.  No competition, they don't care.  Complained to FCC and got a little movement for a while, but hack to status quo.  Go to Google Fiber and put your name in, 10X the speed and 20% less cost.      

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