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It's fairly simple to create a virtual app with Android.  The following is based on my OnePlus 2, but should be similar for other Android phone: 


1. Open up the Chrome browser.

2, Go to the testmy.net homepage.

3. Touch the three dots at the top-right.

4. Touch "Add to Home screen"

5. Type a name, e.g. "TestMy.net" and touch 'ADD'.




Check your home screen for the icon as shown in the first screenshot below on my phone. It can moved about just like any other app.  When touched, it will open up the TestMy homepage just like as if it was an app.



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I was trying to see if I could change that default grey 'T' icon to ':TMN:', but it looks like this is something CA3LE would need to do with a few HTML header tags on the homepage:



Interestingly, when I launch the website via this shortcut, it behaves exactly like a HTML-based app, i.e. no Chrome interface or URL bar as shown in the bottom right screenshot of my above post.  I need to return to the homescreen and bring up the Chrome browser to go to another website. 

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