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iCloud Keychain Safari and the mess they make

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One of you that uses iCloud, would you bother explaining to me how to stop this abomination from storing passwords. 

Now I've only been a full time mac user for maybe 8 or 9 years, so tread lightly please. 


I do not use iCloud, for anything, however even turned off, or not signed in on the latest OSX version whatever is forcing this tripe to dig into everything is splooging all over my day. 


I've never had to be so concerned with stopping everything I do or save, or places I frequent from being saved on someone else's networks, 'in my best interest' 


Is there a way to stop the madness?

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Several times. As soon as i save a password, as in the old school way in the keychain through the browser, with no obvious warnings, iCloud saves the passwords. 

After in which you must log into iCloud, and stop saving passwords, which of course deletes your saved passwords. 


Now on el crapiton, I've never logged into iCloud, what a mess. I don't want this tripe in my day lol

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