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Still wondering..

arkus t

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Hello. I thought someone would have had experience with AT&T Uverse modem/routers. After a DSL outage the modem was upgraded (?). Now both telephone and internet are prone to uneven performance and occasional non-operation. They tell me that my speed is "too fast" and needs to be reduced. I'm wondering if someone has had a similar experience and can explain to me why this is not a defective modem/router, since there were no problems BEFORE the outage.




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Honestly it sounds like a bad modem or phone line or even a bad filter I would first swap out the modem since that should be done at no cost then if that doesn't work try replacing the phone line and or any filters your using also make sure your plugged in to the modem/router via Ethernet when testing to help eliminate any other possibilities make sure you do one thing at a time when trouble shooting to help diagnose the problem

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