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export data fields changed


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It appears that at some point in the past couple of weeks, the data fields have changed in the .csv export files. Specifically, the "Size kB", "Score Kbps", and "Score kB/s". Is this now a permanent change? I keep a spreadsheet of historical data and need to know if I have to change my import procedures. As always, thanks for the time and effort. It is greatly appreciated.


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12 hours ago, CA3LE said:

Yes, yesterday it was changed to only display the speed in Mbps and size in kB has been removed.  If you need this displayed differently for any reason let me know.

No, not necessary to change anything. Just needed to know if it was going to stay that way.


6 hours ago, WebUser said:

Are you talking about your Speed Test results here?  You know there's a history stored here by User Id, right?

Yes, I know that it is kept here as well. I often add comments to my history file however including system loads, disk activity, general notes, etc. It came in handy when discussing an issue with my service provider while I did not have internet access.

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