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Modem Slowing Down, a possible easy fix

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I have had a modem that started slowing Down, once a day reset was often.

I Fixed It.

I simply tried another transformer (12v in my case) and it has been acting perfect for a month now, zero problems, all is well.  They are built so cheap they often fail to give proper output, cheap, easy, fix.



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I've had terrible experience with 5v D-Link power supplies in the past, generally one failing every 1 to 2 years per router.  Some failed altogether, while others would continue to power the router intermittently acting up. 


Generally what happens is the electrolytic capacitors dry out over time, which decrease their capacitance.  This in turns leads to ripples being introduced in the DC output which in turn introduces noise to the modem's circuitry, slowing it down.

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