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Need help on how to set up ethernet switch to my modem router.


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I have netgear C6300BD from Cox and I bought netgear pro safe 24 port Ethernet switch JGS524. My current internet plan is 200 mbps from Cox,  I initially connect my Ethernet switch to one of the 4 LAN ports to spread my wired connection on all my TV and cctv. I just want to ask if someone tried to connect the switch to a WAN port? Is it possible? Many thanks in advance.

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WAN = Wide Area Network ; where WAN is outside of you local network, or, the other side of the modem = 'the Internet'

LAN = Local Area Network ; where LAN is your local network, or inside your dwelling or, your personal network space


More or less if the switch was connected to the WAN of the modem, there would be a request from the modem to the switch for an address, or IP address. Which is possible if you had a DHCP capable switch (which the  JGS524 is not manage) but no Internet connection even if so.



 If you might elaborate a bit. First, there should be no WAN port on the modem if it is cable, second there should be no WAN port on the switch, per se.



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Thank you. i just noticed from netgear website, the model has WAN port with 1 gbit capability, i thought it will increase my speed if i will use that red port. You're right boss i got an unmanaged ethernet switch. My speed from that switch is so slow, how can i make it fast? i cant find the QoS in netgear genie web gui. i just used 8 of the 24 lan ports of the switch. I really regret on buying this ethernet switch. 

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Not sure where there would be a 'red' port on that switch, could you possibly take a pic and show it here?


The switch should act as a 'hub' or gigabit connection to the modem, or otherwise configured network device before it in the topology.


Should be a great device for basic full usability in any network which does not require specifics.

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sorry to confuse you but even me when checked their website i thought i have that spec. but i really dont have when i checked it. so im stuck in using 1 of the 4 lan ports. It is so slow and i dont know what to do, besides wiring my whole house with cat 6a, my wife will kill me for investing money on this- new modem router, new ethernet switch and cough and colds that went to pneumonia crawling my attic.?



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5 hours ago, morlock said:

thanks, but that was only from my pc directly connected from the modem router. Others that are connected to the ethernet switch are slow. Do you think the switch is running only 1/2 of my total speed? Am I right?

Since the switch itself is un-managed, it will act as a hub. What this does is take the full available bandwidth at the WAN side, and divide the data flow by how many different devices are requesting data. The JGS524 should work as a gigabit device to expand your network without having to get down a dirty with networking.


Say you had two machines, each machine has gigbit capabilities, and are of equal quality (performance wise), each machine is trying to draw a one gigbyte file,  the available bandwidth (depends on your specific ISP package as well it it's quality); then the full available amount of data would be theoretically split between the two machines, and the downloads would theoretically finish at the same time, give or take.


Again, theoretically, each machine would have a path open to the tune of 100Mbps at full throttle, in a perfect world.


With good wiring and a solid ISP drop (wire from the port outside) and a late model computer, I would be satisfied with an average of 180Mbps, and peaking to 210Mbps on seldom occasions.

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:::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..:::
Download Connection Speed:: 136951 Kbps or 137 Mbps 
Download Speed Test Size:: 90.6 MB or 92800 kB or 95027200 bytes
Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 17119 kB/s or 17.1 MB/s
Upload Connection Speed:: 20181 Kbps or 20.2 Mbps 
Upload Speed Test Size:: 18.8 MB or 19200 kB or 19660800 bytes
Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 2523 kB/s or 2.5 MB/s
Timed:: Download: 5.551 seconds | Upload: 7.794 seconds
Tested At:: http://TestMy.net
Test Time:: 2015-12-15 05:48:21 Local Time
Client Location:: Gainesville, FL US https://testmy.net/city/gainesville_fl
Target:: Dallas, TX http://dallas.testmy.net
Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/01GXC7vj2.Io2mHkLTZ
TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 101.92 Mbps | Middle Avg 136.04 Mbps | Max 216.27 Mbps | 60% Variance
TiP Data Points:: 105.5 Mbps, 101.92 Mbps, 102.99 Mbps, 109.33 Mbps, 118.91 Mbps, 118.5 Mbps, 120.15 Mbps, 121.2 Mbps, 125.37 Mbps, 139.81 Mbps, 126.29 Mbps, 129.12 Mbps, 171.3 Mbps, 170.46 Mbps, 105.5 Mbps, 176.1 Mbps, 185.54 Mbps, 190.13 Mbps, 216.27 Mbps
Client Stats:: https://testmy.net/quickstats/morlock https://testmy.net/compID/6245535584362
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.80 Safari/537.36 [!]


Getting much better here with this internet speed details. Thank you mudmanc4.1146916684.png

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