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Amazon Prime stalling


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We have a continuing problem with streaming videos on Amazon Prime. After a few minutes, or several minutes, we get an Internet Connection error that says we cannot connect to Amazon Prime. This is when we're watching a show on our Samsung Smart TV. 


The same modem/router and the same television work find with Netflix.


Does anyone else have this issue, and do you have any suggestions?


Past attempts to work with Amazon left me with a tech support who wanted me to unplug the TV, unplug the router, put my finger in my ear, etc... I'd like to avoid repeating that if I can.


Thank you,


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Tbh  the problem is most likely out of your control the only things you could check would be make sure the modem and router aren't having any issues check your modem logs see if there are many errors swap out the ethernet  cable between modem and router and if you have a spare router try it out see if you still have the issue. It sounds like an outside issue though something probably along the connection route that is timing out

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