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Hank Nussbacher

Combined test has stopped working

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Actually there was a major issue.  Across all servers except the Master server and San Jose because they're compiled differently.


Backend software updates were done yesterday across all servers and I forgot to reinstall php-mysql... MariaDB was installed but basically php didn't have instructions for how to talk to the database server.  ... it will only cause an error in that instance if the test type selected uses the database algorithm.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing that to my attention quickly.  I rarely use the combined auto test (I usually select one type or the other in my own personal use).  So a mistake like that can persist for a while without awesome members like you.


It started working for you all of a sudden because I noticed this thread and started working on it before I started posting. ;)  --- when @mudmanc4 tested on the other hand I hadn't started yet.  So I assume that he must have been selecting the auto test that doesn't adjust size based on what it sees in the database.  Combined vs Combined Express

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