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Color me clueless...


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https://testmy.net/db/~pjbJVQzy.JaNgp8~XH https://testmy.net/~pjbJVQzy.JaNgp8~XH.png


I'm trying to figure out where my data allowance is going. I use Hughes Net, only service available in my neck of the woods. Landed here after reading their forum. Problem is, I do not have any idea what the test results are trying to tell me!

I searched, honest I did, for instructions/definitions/understanding...test results. No luck. Browsed the forum, briefly. I seem to be the only person that doesn't know what TID stands for, or what the icons next to date and time mean. Except for the Android dude - I get that. Oh, and US for United States. But then y'all throw an American flag symbol, lightning bolt looking thing, etc. in the mix. If Android dude is in the good 'ol US of A cruising the internet, why the flag icon? 

So, how do I get an education? I would really lime to know who the user is - here: qeDZcb0UM.png (assuming I correctly pasted the test result info).  kms1952 is not anyone in my household. Sigh. I hope I can blame kms for sucking up all my dang allotted internet use. Buying tokens when I should have 2 more weeks before I'm out of allowence, well, it's rude! Is there any way for me to see what is being downloaded?  Or interpretation of results for a dummies? 

Maybe I should just cancel the dang internet and build me a library, with good old fashioned books. 

If anyone here should possibly have the patience to answer me, I would be thankful. 

Until then, I believe I will drink a nice, cold beer and relax. Or maybe I'll hunt down kms1952....



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You must be on a shared proxy.  This is uncommon.  Looking at https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=c&d=01172016&x=3&l=25&q=60619026442


You only need to be concerned about the tests that you've personally taken.  Since your IP appears to be changing (and many other people are using the same IPs) I recommend that you make sure that you're logged in to properly keep track of your results.


Sorry I haven't provided very good documentation other than answering questions in the forum.  Need to work on that.


Many things you may wonder about have tooltips.  You need to hover your mouse for a few seconds to see them.




Those icons are a quick visual aid to tell you that you're testing against San Jose, CA to your Android in TX US.  If you change the identifier or server those icons will change.  Some icons like android, iphone and ipad are automatically added depending on the detected device.


The lightning bolt :TMN: is the TMN logo and stands for a multithread result [you have to look at the result details to see the server(s) tested against].  The American flag stands for Washington D.C. -- To see more examples visit https://testmy.net/live and hover over the icons you're curious about.


So don't go hunting anyone down.  They aren't using your connection... they're just using the same proxy server as you are.



Extra note since you're on an allowance.

Once you have more tests taken you'll be able to see some additional information below your graph showing the amount of data transferred.  Keep in mind that this only calculates based on the size of your final result, not the smaller tests leading up.  If you're worried about data allowance you may want to use manual test size or express on the download testupload test and auto test to better control the amount of data used in the test.  Using those options will force the test to cycle less, using less data... which in turn will make the data calculation for your query closer to the actual amount of data used.


My own as an example




Below I change the query to reflect the last 30 days... then alter the results/page to show all the results on one graph.  Whatever shows on the graph is what will be added up in this calculation.



That 21.11GB could have be 40GB of actual transfer for all I know.  Just keep that in mind when you see those numbers, the actual is always higher than what's displayed.

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Oh you are wonderful! Thank you for replying, and explaining. And thank you also for not making feel stupid(er). Little bummed that there will be no altercation with kms... 

I live in an extremely rural area (pop 250), so I will research what you've told me about proxy server and IPs. Possibly it's my daughter on her computer and iPod? And then we have her friends... on my couch, eating my food, throttling my data usage.  But they don't drink my beer, so I can tolerate the other stuff. 

There was, however, quite a spike in usage, and slower than usual connection. 

Hughes Net has yet to respond with an explanation as to why I am having to buy flipping tokens and why I'm throttled, I should have 2 weeks left. With the help I've received here, a sweet graph to boot, I'll be armed and dangerous the next time I hit up customer support. :D

Cheers, Ca3le, I thank you - and kms1952 doesn't know it, but he/she thanks you as well!

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