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HTTPS multi-threaded needs to be disabled

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I remember reading somewhere here that the multi-threaded tests don't work over HTTPS as the test reads blocks across various domains, which runs into a problem with the self-signed security certificates.


I just came across this post where a friend posted multi-threaded tests run over HTTPS with very high test result figures.  He said this was over 3G, which normally tops out about 25Mbps with dual-channel HSPA+ here.  What I suspect is that most of the requested test blocks gave a security certificate error page instead of the actual block tricking the test into detecting that the blocks as completed.


The following is one of his test results where he run a multi-threaded test in HTTPS mode.



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Actually the way the program is written it's forced to use http.  I just double checked to make sure... it's hard coded with "http://".  I'm unsure why he got such a high result but it definitely wasn't because of https.  You can request the multithread test under the https protocol but the actual data loading within the test is http.



They tested moments later on their computer and got the result we'd expect.  Seems it may have been something on that android... maybe some kind of mobile acceleration software... ????

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Thanks for clarifying that. B)


After experimenting with HTTPS testing on my mobile with the multi-threaded test, I was able to replicate a similar test result by turning on "Data Saver" in the Android Chrome browser.


Data Saver - Left: Off, Right: On


BN~ZiSrMY.png 0O1sorT9U.png


As far as I can tell, the Data Saver strips comment tags from webpages, so in turn strips all the random test data.  So maybe an idea to test if Data Saver is on is to have something like a piece of JavaScript check if a certain HTML comment tag is present in the page source.  If it's missing, display an error message saying to disable Data Saver. 

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