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testmy speed windows 7 vs linux


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27 minutes ago, gayle56 said:

Dual Booting with Windows 7
Pclinuxos Mate
Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 06)


That is a Mandriva offshoot (I believe). Yet the default kernel module should be working.

Have you updated the system recently? (in order to grab the latest version)

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Try updating your kernel through the system:


Synaptic package manager

Synaptic Ready

Synaptic is the software that manages the task of downloading and installing updates for your system. The software on your system is delivered as packages and hence Synaptic is also called package manager. You can launch it by any one of the following 3 methods:

Synaptic Locate
  • By clicking on Synaptic Package Manager icon in the taskbar near the left hand lower corner of your screen.
  • By going to PC Menu (Also called Kickoff Application Launcher) at the left hand lower corner of your screen > Applications > Software Centre > Package Manager.
  • By typing 'synaptic' into a terminal.

Running Synaptic

Since updating your system might require making changes to the system as a whole or changing important system files, Synaptic needs the privileges of super user or root. Hence while starting up Synaptic, you need to enter the root password first.

  • 300px-Synaptic_Scanning.png
    Synaptic Scanning
    As soon as Synaptic starts, it scans your system for existing software and gets ready.


  • 300px-Synaptic_Reload.png
    Synaptic Reload
    Now you need to reload the package information to become informed about new, removed or upgraded software packages. Click on 'Reload' button.


  • 300px-Synaptic_Downloading_Package_Infor
    Synaptic Downloading Package Information
    A window labelled 'Downloading package information' will come up and show the progress of this operation. Once the download is complete, Synaptic will do another scan and get ready for the next step.


  • 300px-Synaptic_Mark_All_Upgrades.png
    Synaptic Mark All Upgrades
    Now click on 'Mark All Upgrades'.


  • 300px-Synaptic_Mark_Additional_Required_
    Synaptic Mark Additional Required Changes
    You will get another window with the prompt "Mark additional required changes?'. Go through the list and click on 'Mark'.


  • 300px-Synaptic_Apply_The_Following_Chang
    Apply The Following Changes
    Now click on 'Apply'. You will be presented with another summary window. After going through the list, click on 'Apply' to begin the actual process of downloading and installing updates.
  • You can expand To be upgraded and To be installed sections by clicking on the small triangle before each line.


  • Once the process is complete you may see another window showing some output. Some of the changes effected by Synaptic might require you to either log-off and log-in again or rarely in case of kernel update etc require you to reboot which would be shown in this window. After this you may close Synaptic.
  • If required, as mentioned above, log-off/log-in or reboot.
  • That completes your system update.


  • 300px-Synaptic_Packages_Not_Retrieved.pn
    Synaptic Packages Not Retrieved
    In case Synaptic gives a prompt such as 'Not able to retrieve all packages, continue anyway?' DO NOT click Yes. Say NO and try updating sometime later. This might be because the repositories are being updated with new software themselves and only after this process is complete, you should update your system. If the message continues to appear even after a day, report the issue to the forum.


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