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My desktop monitor (older 19" flat panel, not widescreen) has developed a strange problem. Right after the last Windows 10 update, the screen display is jumbled. It's like you divided the picture into 4 quadrants and then rearranged them. If I press the "auto adjust" button on the monitor, it goes back to normal until the next reboot. Does this sound like a driver issue?

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mine didnt do that exactly, but after a windows 10 install, i did have to reinstall my graphics card drivers. although something about windows 10 also randomly disconnects my usb devices sometimes until i reboot.


edit/ i had to reinstall drivers because my monitor wouldnt identify so i had no display about 50% of the time.

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On ‎2‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 2:47 PM, mudmanc4 said:

Did you run through the process of detecting the monitor ?


I might remove the device physically, reboot the machine then plug in the monitor again.


It was a great idea, but it didn't help. I'll try what starship_troopers suggested and reinstall the graphics card drivers.

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