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Desktop icon link dissapearing act windows 10

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Just one link, not all icons.


A link to a local resource has 'vanished' on a windows 10 desktop. Not only, any attempts to contact said resource is futile. Ping, tracert, manual entry, null.


Checked hosts file, restored a backup of the hostfile, reboot, still nothing.


All other resources on that subnet are accessible.

The resource in question is accessible from other workstations, on the same subnet or not {intentional routing} as expected.


My first thought was virus, but makes no sense.

Second thought was something in windows 10 was triggered by user input. Checked in the browsers list of blocked sites, nothing.


 [edit] Cannot access the IP/ resource from any other account on said machine


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Today the workstation throws the 'one or more network protocols are missing' errors. Which seemingly has to viable solution let alone public reason. That I have found.

Uninstalled the network card through device manager, rebooted and instead of having to hit up the new hardware wizard, when the machine is booted, the card is already installed and configured.


Of course still no network access, claiming unidentified network, much as ms server might do if something was changed. Though nothing has been changed here.

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Found an issue in the BSD config not leasing IP's to certain macIDs, though no explanation yet. Went with a backup which cleared it up.


Not sure if I care to delve into why the link was removed from the desktop on windows 10 though, some sorcery there :confused3:

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