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qutebrowser is a very active project with a big community: More than 60 people have contributed over 250 changesets (pull requests), and hundreds of people are actively using it. In the past 2.5 years, nearly 7500 changes (commits) were uploaded.


I do not normally post something like this, but it's a great thing, which we actually need to continue developing.

Based on Webkit (the root of all things future browser) if your not familiar, this is a great time to find out.

Here are the Install instructions for various platforms



What QtWebEngine will get you


QtWebEngine enforces HTTP Strict Transport Security, which ensures HTTPS is used on websites that support it, protecting you from downgrade attacks.
The current backend also has other known security issues that are fixed in QtWebEngine, which is updated much more regularly.


There are various qutebrowser stability issues for which QtWebKit is to blame. With QtWebEngine, all those problems will be gone, and so will be crashes experienced by many users on Twitter or Facebook.

Future of QtWebKit

QtWebKit got removed in Qt 5.6. While most Linux distributions will keep it around for a while, some are expected to drop it (or have already done so). This means qutebrowser will not run on those platforms anymore. With QtWebEngine, qutebrowser will be ready for the future, as QtWebEngine is very actively developed and will probably be so for years to come.

Support for other engines

I plan to keep QtWebKit support for the time being, as some Linux distributions (Debian/Ubuntu) don't package QtWebEngine as of yet.
Since the qutebrowser code will work with two different engines, it'll be easier to add support for additional backends. I'll definitely keep an eye on Mozilla's Servo for the future.


At any rate, if you've got 6 bucks laying around to donate (or 6000 bucks), you would be doing yourself and community a very real solid.


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