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Share results buttons are missing the http in the code

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On the 'Share results' page, when I click either the 'Copy URLs' or 'Copy 4 Forums' button, the generated code is missing the 'http' before the URLs:


Link missing http.png


I first ran into this last week when posting a test result on a forum and got rather confused when the resulting post displayed code instead of an image.  So I just edited my post and put the 'http' in, figuring the forum had a hiccup.  After running into this again today, I checked the 'Share results' page code and indeed the 'http' is missing as shown above.


What's interesting is that the IP forum here doesn't seem to mind the 'http' missing.  However, on vBulletin it will just end up with the code in the resulting live post.

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I remember making that mistake, lol.  I thought I missed a spot in making the urls https compatible... must have been tired because I should have known better.  Those are supposed to be static with http:// for sure.


Thanks as always Sean!

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It looks like this bug has sprung up again, this time on the "Share this result" tab after a test completes. 


The 'Forum BBC' button and the links below the image are missing the 'http':


Test result link bug.png


I only just noticed this when I saw the odd person post TestMy results on a forum with the 'http' missing before they edited their post.

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