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Hello, new here, want to say "Hi" and ask a question


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Hi, I have been snooping various test sites and finally decided to ask the question that has bugged me the entire time, why is my connection so slow? Could it simply be my modem, I rent a room so its my landlords modem and don't know what they consider "high speed" but to me this is far from it. I have an apple airport extreme and am curious if this would speed up the connection in lieu of the current setup.  I also have the Apple Airport express but my understanding is that is just a router and not a modem, is this correct? Would the Two work well together, or at the very least faster than my current set up. Sorry for all the questions this has just been bugging me for quite some time now. Thank you to all that respond.

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HI SB805,


You may want to check with your landlord and see what kind of data subscription your room - line has. It could be the modem needing some firmware updates or a bad connection (cables, static interference) could cause a lot of connection drops. Your Apple Airport extreme is just a router that maximizes the network throughput, in other words it just adds additional resource bandwidth than normal wifi routers and also supports duplex connection (it can send and receive data packets at the same time). Regardless of the wifi router you are connecting, this would depend on the modem where data is sourced. You can always check on your modem's IP address and check its configuration for more details.


Hope this helps!







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