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IP address diversity in the hundreds

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At home, my main Internet connection is a DSL connection that gives a fairly consistent 3.9Mbps down and about 400Kbps up.  I tried a fixed wireless service about a year ago that was a complete disaster.  Lately I'm using a makeshift LTE based connection that fluctuates between 4Mbps and 45Mbps down and 10Mbps to 12Mbps up, going by TestMy.  As with phone cellular data connections, the IP address changes quite regularly, likely once or twice a day. 


In addition, while out and about, I run tests with my phone's data and similar also in places that offer free Wi-Fi.  I didn't realise just how many different IP addresses I clocked up until I was browsing through the Top 10 list for Ireland. 


Sean TestMy IP diversity.png

I'm actually surprised to be in this list also as I certainly don't have the 10,000th fastest connection in Ireland, let alone the 10th.  Just a pity that most people in Ireland don't create an account to log their readings as that #7 rank indeed shows that the majority of tests here are not with a signed in user. 

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