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Philip Lalor

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Hi, completely new and (hopefully only partially) dumb!

My provider on Australia's new wiz biz "Broadband" is providing on their analysis an up-speed of 64 Mbps and 19.94 Mbps.

This is almost totally consistent no matter what time of the day/night (did change once to 19.6 download) however TestMy.Net provides scores changing each test (seems to me to be more realistic!) ranging around max 2 Mbps upload and 9 Mbps download.

When questioning the provider on three separate occasions, each representative acknowledge there appeared to be a fault, however at this stage (36 hours later) nothing has eventuated.

The crux of my question is this :- I have also installed an encryption program on my laptop who acknowledge there maybe some delay in speed experienced, however would this be so great as to create the huge disparity between test results?

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Many HDD encryption software is used for offline encryption. In other words everything is 'encrypted' until powered on and the keys are used to decrypt data. Therefore protecting your personal data if in case the machine is lost or stolen.


I have found several occasions where an encrypted drive is somewhat suffering performance wise than before the software was placed, however not as significant as to cause severe crippling of browsing or downloading.


I would suggest the reason behind the near identical tests run at your ISP, is due to the test being served within their own network, more or less a direct line to your home. Which as a good first means in defining the quality of line from them to you. Such a test is not meant for real world testing. But for basic local line trouble shooting.


Of course the ISP cannot control the quality of service past their own network, however their choices or, available choices of peering partners can and does make every bit of a difference.


If your running a windows operating system, you should be able to run an overall performance test on the machine itself, from the machine. Doing this will give you a bland but general idea as to how the machine is performing in consideration with the security software you have chosen. 

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@Philip Lalor


Start=>type 'cmd'

Then type or paste in the shell:

WinSAT formal -v -xml c:\winstatreults.xml

This will spit out a load as it's testing.


Then cd to:


If you enjoy reading / deciphering xml


Or you could open the run command and type:


In the lower right corner there will be a score Windows has given the system as it stands.


I suggest you use the following means:


Or you could start=> cmd right click and 'run as administrator' then type:

winsat prepop

When this is finished Start=> cmd  type 'run' and right click and run as administrator then type:


When the powershell opens, type:

Get-WmiObject -class Win32_WinSAT


Here is an example output just run on windows 10 in a VM:


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Thanks a million ! will go over your steps and check where they differed from the source I got from "Google" (just learnt that one from my daughter). At the end the result was 00:04:24.36, but don't know if that is good or bad.

Then tried an app "PC Benchmark", but again I'm unable to decipher the results as there is no comparison (I think) to what would a standard. Have attached (hopefully) this screen shot.

Thanks immensely for all your effort. It's been most appreciated. Didn't realize these forums could be so helpful! 

speed test.jpg

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