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Hello folks Ive been with iinet for nearly 17 years, every IP has there problems at times but overall they have looked after me.

My issue here is I upgraded so I thought to one of iinets NBN ready modems when NBN  finally gets here.

I've been running a Billion 7300N for 6 years and have always been happy with my speed average around 800 kb to over a meg no problems.

since changing modems life has been anything but sweet the new modem is slow I mean really slow with an average of around 300-400 kbps a second cant even watch a trailer on IMDB without the dreaded buffering saga, even Netflicks is slow to load, I have no other choice but to go back to me trusty old Billion to get the desired speed back!!

anyone one with any info, or penny for for thoughts☺




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@raskal , How has your situation changed, is any?


Many times DSL will take up to even more than a week to 'auto adjust', run a few more tests now that a few days have passed.


And remember, when getting a new DSL modem, leave it powered up for at least a week or so, try not resetting or anything.

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