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Internet Issues (Twitch.tv streaming)

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I'm not 100% sure what information you guys require, but i'm hoping someone can give me a hand - i'm paying for some of the best internet in my area.. and I would love to be able to stream some video games while I play.


Here is some basic information

Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

ISP: Shaw Broadband 250 (states I should be getting 250mbps down and 10mbps up).


I just got off the phone with my ISP these are the steps we took:


Rebooted Modem

Ookla Speed Test (Showed 140mbps down and 4mbps up)

Reboot into safe mode

Ookla Speed Test in safe mode (Showed 267mbps down and 12mbps up)

Reboot regular mode

Ookla Speed Test (Showed 87mbps down and 2.3mbps up)

Told me that I likely have malware or a virus since safe mode speeds where dramatically increased and to download Malware Bytes and McAfee.

Downloaded both and did full scans - nothing found.


After each of the Ookla tests above I tried testmy.net and got these results

First: 286Kbps upload

Second: 283Kbps upload (This was in safe mode)

Third: 654Kbps upload


They insisted I use Ookla Speed Test or Shaw Speed Test as they are partnered with Ookla.  I mentioned to him that on both testmy.net and my Twitch Bandwidth Test program that my speeds are much much slower than they should be. They were unable to "bridge" my modem and told me i'll have to call back tomorrow to see if someone during the day shift is able to bridge to my modem and do some more testing.


This is my most recent test done on Speedtest.net, testmy.net and my Twitch Bandwidth Test.





This has been very frustrating.  If anyone has any suggestions at all, or if you require more information please ask (i'm not a pro at any of this by any means - so please include some basic instructions for me to follow if you require any special information)


Thanks for reading, i'll check back in when I wake up.


Edit: Just to clarify the Twitch Bandwidth test should show results averaging around the below image.  Quality should be around 85 to 100.


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Good morning Pgoodwin,


Thank you for taking the time to help me out here.

Just to clarify:

PC: Lenovo Laptop

OS: Windows 10

All the above tests were done with an ethernet cord directly plugged into my cisco modem.


Here are some tests done this morning using the suggested Colorado Springs server.  I really don't know why its so horrible...






My Ookla test seems to be exactly where it is supposed to be - which is going to make it extremely hard to call my ISP and tell them that i'm unable to stream.  They will base is solely on Ookla and tell me everything looks to be in order..


Again thanks for the help - if you need anything else let me know.


Edit: Decided to do a quick download speed test using testmy.net and it doesn't seem bad.  It really just feels that my upload is bad.




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The download 175 Mbps is pretty good considering the 1300+ miles to the test server. The OOKLA test results are to a server right in your city, so it's not really giving you internet speeds, it's giving you a local connect speed. Not sure what the issue might be with the upload speed.


i get about 20% lower speeds testing from near Cincinnati to Colorado Springs - it's about 1200 miles.

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Hmm i've redone a test using Ookla again - I picked the Seattle, WA server as thats the closest server to the Twitch Bandwidth test server.  Looks like Ookla says my speed is good - but still using testmy.net my speeds are extremely low.


I just spent a few hours on the phone with my ISP and they told me its nothing on their end..  i'm frustrated and not sure what else I can do.




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Hey Mudmanc4,


Thanks for the response.  Just to clarify I do not own or use a router.  I have my laptop directly plugged into my Modem using and ethernet cord.

I actually went and traded in my Cisco modem at Shaw for a different brand modem to see if it would fix the issue as my ISP mentioned it could be hardware issues.

I now have a Hitron Modem and am still having the same issues.


Here are the tests for NY both on Ookla and TestMy.





Again looking at this even with the server being in NY which is far away from me, i'm getting fine Download speeds - but my Upload speeds are completely atrocious.

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17 hours ago, until2009 said:

Still having issues.  This is getting extremely frustrating.

I've even tried Reformatting my computer and updating to the most up to date LAN drivers. 


Anyone have any other suggestions? I can't switch providers as the only other provider in my neighborhood is Telus with 10mbps maximum download.

If this were my situation I would continually be in contact with the support staff at the ISP, many time more than not, persistence pays off.

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