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Need option to set upload directory and files

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The current upload test is massively flawed .IMHO....and experience.

Need option to configure and set the upload directory and files.


I would like an option to configure the upload directory and files.

eg. I would set my USB stick to upload data from as it is USB3 and eliminates any seek time variation

in a test and remove random data being used.


a set directory of data on the harddisk.


Of course a set amount of data needs to be preloaded into a predefined directory but that is better than random data.


Afterall, we want to test only our ISP bandwidth, not the performance or seek times of our hard drive right?

The current upload test is massively flawed .IMHO.

Using random data is not the way to perform network performance tests ...in the real world.


Love this site otherwise but cannot rely on the upload test results at all! ....which is disappointing. :wacko:


You are probably guessing i would be one of those advanced users. 

So Please add advanced options to eliminate random data!

Pretty please Mr TestMy.net developer....we know you can do it!  B)


hope I asked nicely enough? lol :D





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My upload test isn't perfect... no program ever is.  But I think it may be your presumptions and conceptions that are flawed.


Why do you need to be able to select your own files?  Why would I ask users to select a file when I can essentially generate a fake one for them that does the same thing?  In development, I've seen no discernible difference in using real files vs the ones I generate.


There is no seek time variation.  The data is generated and stored in your RAM, you can't access it any faster than that.  Immediately after the information is generated in your memory the upload is initiated.  The time it takes generating and sending you the information (you then send back to TMN) is not calculated into your final result.  The clock doesn't start until your computer initiates the upload.  And after it's all done the information does not persist in your memory.



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