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PSA: enable QoS to lower Latency since 11/15/2016

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in april 2016 and again november 2016, twcable maxx and charter customers may have noticed their isp server being over provisioned.  IMHO this is a marketing gimmick to allow you to "speedtest" 15-20% faster - but at an unstable high latency speed.    if your router's quality of service is disabled, and you are now seeing wired speedtests on your 50/5(60/6) service at 70/6 (or double this on double speed 100/10 tiers)  I would strongly recommend you enable QoS and set it closer to 60/6 (about 15-20% below peek speedtest).  this will lower the speedtest reads, but it will also lower your Latency back down to where it should be.  lower latency during peek bursts of speed will benefit twitch gamers and lower the error re-transmission rate needed by bulk down-loaders.  if you can't enable your QoS, but use a torrent or download client, you may want to at least cap the download rate within these clients 20% below your top speedtest.

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