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Needing assistance with issues from WOW.


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I recently changed from Road Runner to Wide Open West due to bandwidth costs.  When I was with RR, I was getting the 50mb down and all was good.  I switched to 110mb down with WOW and things stink.  https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=12262016&x=30&l=500&q=Nahimana-Wamblee 


So they keep telling me that they only support their flash player (which by the way, does not even work at the moment) and it was displaying good results even when I could show from other tests that they were way off.  Well, finally, they indicated they had an upstream problem.  Then all of a sudden, my test jump tremendously for a short period, then back down again.  After a couple more visits it goes back up and then back down.  Now they are telling me that they only support what I would call intranet speeds as they state they have there own internal Ookla server but yet I am paying for internet speeds.


I am looking for how I can prove (with facts) that they are incorrect in what they are giving me and that they DO have a problem on their circuits.  I have attached the link above to my stats and below is the current Trace Route which is a consistent Time Out on the second hop.


  1     5 ms     8 ms     9 ms
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3    31 ms    16 ms    12 ms  user-69-73-5-57.knology.net []
  4    19 ms    21 ms    19 ms  user-24-96-198-158.knology.net []
  5    26 ms    19 ms    29 ms  user-24-96-153-9.knology.net []
  6    35 ms    39 ms    29 ms  user-24-96-153-14.knology.net []
  7    41 ms    37 ms    49 ms  dynamic-75-76-35-15.knology.net []
  8    33 ms    39 ms    59 ms
  9    51 ms    54 ms    59 ms  te-8-4-130.car1.Baltimore1.Level3.net [4.59.245.
 10    56 ms    49 ms    48 ms  ae-3-5.bear1.Baltimore1.Level3.net [
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12    82 ms    82 ms    96 ms
 13    78 ms    75 ms    79 ms  g7-42-edge5.core1.cos1.vis.data102.com [64.111.1
 14    87 ms    89 ms    84 ms  po1-core01.dist07.cos01.vis.data102.com [64.111.
 15    81 ms    89 ms    89 ms  testmy.net []


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and if you have time and can explain with your assistance so I have a clear understanding, that would be great.

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First I would ask what system is being tested (notebook, desktop ect ) as testmy.net does not make such data publicly available. 

What does the local network look like (modem => router (is it wifi or cabled)) the basic topology more or less. Models would be helpful.


I notice tests are being run specifically on one of testmy.net servers, where there are quite a few available, which could show different results when tested.


Visit testmy.net/mirror to use various geographical test locations around the states and the world.

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This is being tested from an HP laptop, hardwired to an ARRIS Surfboard AC1750 Modem/WiFi Router which is Coax connected to WOW with no other connections such as TV or phone service via WOW.


I went to specific servers after testing previously on multiple but you may not see these results as this was previous to joining under the user name but I have captured all results if you would like them posted.


I have enabled multi-threading with all selected and multiple report similar issues with current downloads being in the 13mb arena.


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Added live graph
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The graph I've placed on your post is a record of the last ~1000 tests taken from your connection ID, logged in as a user or not.

It looks as if something has changed as of Tuesday December 13, do you recall anything specific occurring around that time?

Either way the variance is significant enough to take a look at I agree.


[Is] there any data cap per month in which might have taken effect? Have you looked at what if any restrictions they might apply?

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Have things changed:

Not on my end but I have been in contact with WOW concerning the issue.  On those dates, 11 DEC - 13 DEC, a technician was out and made a call to their engineers 2 days prior to those dates.  They continue to say nothing is wrong because the WOW test and OOKLA test show good.  I have since had them out twice more and showed them where OOKLA now reports bad as well.  (WOW test is broken due to Flash update).  They have now given me a modem on the 28th DEC to test in place of my own.  The results were the same until last night when everything climbed.  But even the climb was not consistent and possibly indicating a load balancing issue on their end.  Of course, the techs on this end have no insight to this as they have to reach up the chain.  So you will now see this on my results.


One change I did make on their modem was to disable WMM.  I do not test my speeds over the wireless and their are no reported problems of this in the ARRIS code being reported but I wanted to try.  I did this just before the climb in traffic on the 29th and to confirm is this was the issue or not, I re-enabled the WMM.  Results were still high but I have since disabled it again as I did not really care to use it.


I also ran the TCP Optimizer to see what it wanted to modify, made a backup and applied the modifications.  This was before they supplied their modem and I reverted the changes to the backup when their modem was installed as it did not make any difference with prior results.  So the last tests beginning the 29th are at the previous NIC settings.


Is there a data cap:  No.  This is one of the reasons I selected WOW over others is because the package had no data caps.

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On 1/2/2017 at 1:01 PM, Nahimana-Wamblee said:


Could you send me the complete log as I am now in a battle with WOW and I don't seem to be able to pull back on all dates?

You can get a CSV from within your results page:

First in the header look for 'My Results' - bottom right corner in this screenshot:



Then you can see your graph


Now look just below the graph, just above to the right of the specific results, and select how much data you wish to show on the graph, and or in the results, upper right corner in this screenshot:



Then you can see under the graph 'export' bottom middle in this sceenshot:



This will download a copy of your personal database. In my case, it looks something such as the following (some data excluded):




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