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2 Second pause/delay for Internet and ALL other things PC?

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I now have this 1-2 second pause/stall if watching Youtube or netflix videos even videos from news sites...It does this 2 second PAUSE every 5 to 7 seconds?


I thought it was Firefox or Internet LAG but NO this 2 second lag/pause happens anywhere using any program in Windows 10 Home.


Could some kind soul here please help me diagnose this problem for me?


It's driving me psychotic and desperate like how bank robbers feel when they think they really will get a chopper and airplane and safe passage to Brazil.


Seriously folks, I am disturbed by the lag/pause/timeout deal.


Thank you all for reading/considering my issues.




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Are you sure it's your internet?  Could it be that you're having issues that just cause video to pause and lag?


Do you have another computer you could test on using the same connection?  

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To me it seems like either a device/driver issue or a system process acting up. 


If this issue just started in the past day or two, did you install any software or hardware recently, e.g. new antivirus product, new printer, etc.?  If you have, try uninstalling the software to see if the problem clears itself.  


If you didn't install or upgrade anything recently, another possibility is that a Windows/software update come in that started this issue such as a device driver update, in which case I would suggest trying a process of elimination by temporarily disabling the Windows start-up processes as follows: 


  1. 1. Press the Windows Key + 'R', type in "msconfig" and click "OK".
  2. 2. Tick 'Selective startup' and go into the 'Services' tab.
  3. 3. Tick the lower box 'Hide all Microsoft services'.
  4. 4. Click 'Disable all', then click 'OK' and reboot the PC.
  5. 5. Check whether the problem has cleared at this point.  If it hasn't, undo this change by going back into msconfig (Step 1) and tick 'Normal startup', i.e. skip the rest of this procedure..
  6. 6. If the pause/delay has cleared, go back into msconfig (step 1), then into the 'Services' tab and tick half the boxes, click 'OK' and reboot the PC.
  7. 7. If the problem has not returned, repeat the above step again ticking half the remaining boxes, reboot and check again and so on until the problem occurs again.
  8. 8. When the problem occurs, start by unchecking the last checked box one at a time, rebooting until checking until the problem stops occurring.
  9. 9. Finally once you find the culprit service, check all the boxes except for the culprit service, so everything but the culprit service is running.

The culprit service name (try Googling it if not clear) should indicate what is causing the issue. 


If the above procedure did not work, i.e. the problem was still present after step 5, then try unplugging everything but the keyboard, mouse and monitor to rule out any external device.  Finally, if you have your Antivirus subscription details handy (if a paid product), try uninstalling your antivirus software temporarily to rule it out.  I have seen a few past cases where McAfee caused strange symptoms, in one case giving the impression of a failed hard disk. 

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