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6 hours ago, Usef2017 said:

How about this there is plenty of solid information in this link.

I thought I posted it here before, not sure what happened.


It may have been seen as possible spam before.  If you're new here and post a link it's put under heavy scrutiny.  Thanks for reposting.

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If your internet provider to whom you are paying money for a specific "up to speed", and they are not fulfilling that speed, see your lawyer and start a class action law suit for charging you a fee for services you are not getting (a minimum internet speed ALL OF THE TIME unless there is an outage for all of their customers.


I'm with a provider to who I pay $65.00 per month for a 100 to 200 Mbps speed. It is rate that I see 140 and average about 66 Mbps at my computer. At the router I see 89 to 203 depending on what second you are looking at and taking a score shot on. I also see it frequently drop below 10 Mbps and even see my TV lock up or simply go blank (no signal) because the Mbps commig in drops to 2 Mbps (which causes all clients receiving internet WiFito simply digit freeze or shut down. 


I am keeping score of this and printing out the results over the next 90 days. These printout will go to my attorney to show that my provider is cheating me and all of its customers by not, on average, receiving the number of Mbps that I and the rest of their customers are paying for. This would call for a class action suit to refund to all customers the premiums they paid to the provider for services that were not rendered (speed advertised not received on average). This, of course will cause more class action suits to most all providers until they either charge less (since we get less than they advertise in Mbps) or to change their advertising to claim only what we will receive (on average) from their service.


For instance, one provider offers one gig service. Said service, when they plugged their stripped test lap top directly into the modem could only fetch 803 Mbps and at my computer through a new 1 gig router and 20 feet of #6 Ethernet cable plugged directly into a new computer with a 1 gig card to receive that signal could only register 324 Mpbs out of dozen tests over one hour.  The tech said he has never seen a Gig provided to any customer that he has tested (which are hundreds). Yet, the company offers 1 Gig service for $125.00 per month. Many pay that but only receive 1/3 of that. What's sad is most of these customers don't know they are being cheated out of bytes per second for which they are paying for. To make these providers honest, to stop the advertising hype and lies, and to pay a fair price for what is acdtually received will require these companies be hauled into court in class action suits.

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Yeah they've got you by the short an curlys if its "up to xxMb/s"   you should ask for a guaranteed minimum speed in writing. if it falls below that you can give their sweaty conkers a right good pull 

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