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Result gap between normal and multithread tests

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It's my first time at your service and I am trying to diagnose a speed issue with streams. Normally I use Speedtest and more or less I am happy with the results it give. When I decided to try normal speedtest your site showed speeds between 11 - 20 Mbps with cabled connection, when I switch to multithread speed test then connection speed jumped up to 70 Mbps.


I am supposed to have 100 Mbps connection, but I was quite surprised to see 11 or 20 Mbps as result, and am really wondering why there is huge gap between the speed results between normal and multithread speed tests.

Is it because of my poor connection or am I just hitting up on some limit and can't have the correct result on normal speed test at your site.

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^ Read That first - 



Its Called bandwidth shaping. Verizon/ Frontier does the same thing 




Single stream & multistream:
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My 4G (LTE) based Internet connection is showing a clear example of this variation this evening.  What's very clear when this happens is that the browser download speed (single connection) is a lot slower than what the multi-threaded tests (e.g. Speedtest.net) show.


First tests - TestMy linear and multi-threaded:


MdQUIKnbE.png On7WBvu6F.png


Speedtest.net - Going by the Windows Resource Monitor, it made four simultaneous connections during the speed test.




Google Fiber speed test - Going by the Windows Resource Monitor, it made 20 simultaneous connections during the test.


Google fibre test.png


Windows Task Manager Ethernet graph while downloading a Linux ISO file from Heanet (Ireland) - I know for certain the bottleneck is not on their end. ;)


Windows task manager download graph.png

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