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Changed Ethernet, splitter and coaxial and my speed is slower now?!

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I have 105 download and 25 upload with xfinity.  I have the netgear ac1600 c6250 router/modem combo


I replaced this splitter:



with this one:



I bought a new cat6 ethernet cord for my xbox one. (had a cat5e before)



And I also got rid of the old comcast crappy coaxial cables and bought two of these



... both go onto the splitter I bought and one goes to xfinity box other goes to netgear c6250.  


My speedtest before was in the 60s and 70s.... Now I am getting a constant 30-40... how is this possible?

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Id put the old splitter back in and retest. I've had shit luck with splitters over the years and found that the original one that come with the setup works the best. 

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