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Ping spikes and internet issues...Long post

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So I live in a small town so my ISP options are quite limited. My current provider constantly tells me everything looks great on their end and on my end and yet I have massive ping spikes when pinging google and when playing games. Also now at peak times my net slows down tremendously. So on a speedtest.net (Which they suggest to test there) it shows my speeds slowing but still somewhat reasonable even though it feels slow as hell like youtube buffering, netflix buffering etc... I pay $100 a month for a 30mb down and 5 up and I can't even watch PS vue in HD! So here is a test on speedtest.net and here is my result from testmy.net . As you can see they are vastly different. I feel like they are full of crap and know they over sold their internet and it's pure crap now and the fact they charge that much for this garbage is robbery. So the other day I said screw it and downgraded to their lowest internet and I had a new ISP come out and install some weird line of sight internet from a radio tower nearby... I know nothing of this technology but it sounds like it would suck but it was cheaper and I was sick of getting no help from my current ISP, I just figured i'd have to give up gaming online and streaming. So the crazy thing, here is a test from speedtest (I was blown away) and here is testmy.net. That's a massive difference and the ping is quite good which really surprised me too. Anyone know much about this Line of Sight type of internet? Maybe I just got lucky and no one else is even using it.

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