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Speed autotest result drops when computer unattended

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Hi all,


I have noticed that the speed measurement heavily drops apparently when I leave the autotest unattended. At the beginning I thought it was about my laptop going to hibernation or suspending, but I have disabled all those options and it seems to be the same. Does anyone have a clue about what can be happening? Anyone having heard about any specific issue with MacOS Sierra 10.12? I know there were some features introduced for the newest versions of the OS ("power nap" was the name?), but I'm not sure if something like that might be impacting the tests. Any idea/suggestion on what to do or why this happens?

 I'm attaching my OS specifications and a screenshot of my results, showing the close-to-zero drops in speed.


Thanks in advance!

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-07 a la(s) 16.42.23.png

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-07 a la(s) 16.46.39.png

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