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Marvin Herbold

50 MB max upload file is too small

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We have a 100x100 Ethernet over copper Internet connection.  Your download test file size caps out at 200 MB which is barely OK (would be better if could do 1 GB).  But your upload test file size caps out at 50 MB which is downright tiny when you have an 100 MB/s upload link speed.  To put this in perspective my firewall bandwidth monitoring tool samples bandwidth every 5 seconds.  The 50 MB upload test barely shows up... not good.  We would love for both the download and upload file sizes to max out at 1 GB so it shows up clearly on our firewall monitoring utilities.

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I had temporarily disabled the larger upload tests because I noticed an issue but it appears to be working correctly so you can now test upload up to 100 MB again.


So you're talking about a different connection from the one you're posting from right now, right?



Because your test sizes are more than adequate at those speeds.  Even at 100 Mbps (12.5 MB/s) a 100 MB test gives you 8 seconds of testing which is more than enough to get accurate numbers.


Having said that, larger tests are coming.  Both upload and download. 

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