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Uniterruptable Power Supply


Is your computer protected with a UPS  

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  1. 1. Is your computer protected with a UPS

    • on 24/7 with UPS
    • on 24/7 no UPS
    • turn it off with UPS
    • turn it off no UPS
    • don't care...got more money than brains

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I hear about a lot of computer problems from friends and family. Folks lay out a lot of money for computers, routers, high speed internet access, but won't spend a dime on a UPS with battery backup. Power fluctuations (they happen all the time) and abrupt outages can damage or destroy a hard drive, router or modem over time.

Do you leave your computer on 24/7? When you come home, do you find you need to reboot the comp, reboot the router or the modem because it isn't talkin'?

So...I was wondering ...who leaves their computer on 24/7 with no battery backup?  ...who is protected? and who thinks that because they turn it off when they aren't in front of it ...they're safe?

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All it usually takes is one lighting strike to fry someone's equipment and then they swear by UPS systems.  For me, I had a friend that got his home system and office laptop fried about six months ago.  I asked him if he had a UPS or, at the very least, a good surge protector... NOPE... and what is funny about that... he is a Systems Engineer for our company.

I use them on all my computers at home... plus... and I know this is crazy... but I also use it for my Big Screen and home entertainment equipment.  Hey... that stuff isn't cheap.



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