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Hardware inquiry. Setting up Monitor.

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I am going to be setting up a monitor to my PC rather than TV I se.


Currently run a 47" HDTV 1080p as my display for my PC.

I am planning to get a 4K 28" Monitor as my Primary display.


I want to be able to run both. TV for my Videos/Shows I watch.

Monitor for everything else; surfing, gaming, por-- err research.... yeah.

Just finding that reading things is bad for my eyes on the TV, have to quint if text are small (its about 2 meters away roughly).


I have 970 running as my GFX; so output ports aren't the issue. I am planning to utilize the Display port for the Monitor and HDMI for the TV.

How is the PC going to handle 4K gaming or videos on my monitor while running 1080p on my TV as second display?

Is this just auto detected? is it going to cause major issues? or pretty straight forward?

Never tried this set up so don't know, so I thought I'd ask.

Side note: the TV and Monitor are not side by side, opposite walls actually. So I can be on my desk and watch videos on TV while working or playing game on the monitor (Since I route gaming audio to my headphones/usb speakers).


Any advise or warnings?

Any better suggestion?


Thanks for reading!

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