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various speeds, different browsers

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im on a clean install of windows 10 x64


all speedtests here and other places come back normal 103mb on my cable connection using firefox.   however internet explorer 11 & edge, when testing here at tmn will never get over 40mb speed.   that said, IE & edge test normal at speedtest . net


now while using windows 8.1 on this same computer firefox and IE test normal here and everywhere else.   is there some settings im overlooking in these browsers preventing normal download test results using windows 10?   i have everything that i can turned off in windows 10 that hinders my bandwidth



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apparently ive found the issue.  since upgrading to windows 10 1607 - anniversary update,  speed tests using ie11 and edge are cut in half.  transfer rates when downloading large files such as drivers from NVidia are half what they should be when using ie and edge.  using firefox all speed tests and download transfer rates are what they should be.


that is why while using windows 8.1 all browsers on all speed sites worked fine. 


ive tried all the anniversary update internet fix suggestions for windows 10 but none of them work.  rolling back the update to a previous version fixes the problem in windows 10 and all browsers and download rates are as they should be.  MS needs to fix this.



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pete, jc, edge gives me the same results as ie11 using windows 10 after the anniversary update.  prior to that everything worked fine.  my download speeds are cut exactly in half during large file downloads and this site will never get out of the 30's when testing with ie11 & edge, which should get 100+ results.



here is what I know so far...

windows 7, 8.1 and windows 10 prior anniversary update, all browsers get same accurate speed test results.


seems the anniversary update only affects ie11 and edge.  other browsers get accurate results


ive searched for days trying various fixes from turning off auto tuning, turning Qos to 0% using gpedit,  adjusting tcp settings using tcp optimizer, turning off ipv6, etc... prob tried at least 20 fixes that others claim works but none of them work for me.    when downloading large files my transfer rate is 12.8MB/s  using firefox.  when using ie or edge its slashed down to 5 or less.   I am directly connected via Ethernet cable.


if anyone reading this knows of a fix to keep windows 10 from slashing internet speeds in ie11 & edge, please post, it would be much appreciated

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