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Hi my name is Raojia, I have been an unwilling ( Only available ISP in my neighborhood ) Hughesnet customer for 11 years. I was given this site by Hughes during one of many, many phone calls to technical support. My average dl speed is 3.2mbps upload is 864kbps. I am angry, upset, irritated, annoyed, fuming and they disconnected phone calls with me three times in the last hour! I want a technician to come out and check my satellite, they insist there is nothing wrong and want me to pay for the Tech.. After 11 years there is absolutely NO customer loyalty. AT&T would provide 10mbps /10g per month $60. my only other option is dial up ! I am at my wits end and using cell phone data to post this, I am also a gamer mom and I miss playing WoW ! Moving house is NOT an option, I own a ranch


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@Raojia, many feel your pain, not that this is any consolation.


Taking a quick look at your recent results, they show mid day when generally people are out and about and not using their connections, decent results.

As the day grows older, and more people are at home, degradation is obvious.


Likely the beam is oversold. Where the throughput is maxed out. Being the only option is the area, everyone has the same issue. 

Much as one water line sprinkling a small area works great, but branch off to two or three sprinklers off the same line, and the water spread or pressure goes down.


I don't think from what little data there is to be had here, that you can control any or much of this locally. Hence why they ask you to pay for the tech, they already know why this is happening to you.



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