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Speed test says 100mbps down, but actually downloading is only 12mbps.

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So I just bought a prebuilt PC from Cyberpower, and so I'm installing games and they are very slow. I'm running an Ethernet cable to it and it's the same one I used for my Xbox One. The speedtest reached 100mbps down, and 85mbps up, but immediately after when I tried downloading a game from Steam it dropped down to a max of 12.5mbps. A few days ago on Xbox I definitely reached at least 100 Mbps when downloading, so I don't understand what is bringing it down to 1/10 of what it should reach.

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Are they both "Mbps?" Or is one "MBps" and the other is "Mbps?" The reason I am asking is that 12.5 is exactly an eighth of 100. There are 8 bits in a byte, so that would make the two numbers the same (12.5 Megabytes and 100 Megabits).

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