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TMN Test Fails To Start

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TMN one-shot, combined test fails to start.  Have experienced this today on two computers (Dell Inspiron, i5 CPU, Win 8.1 and Gateway SX2801, 3 GHz Pentium, Win 7).  In about 15 minutes, the attached screenshot is all that happened. Is the problem mine or yours? Note the very small, periodic transmissions of ~0.01% network utilization on the Task Manager display. My ISP speedtest says connection is 82 Mbps down and 19 Mbps up and CNET speedtest shows 52 Mbps down so I do have a network connection

TMN fail to start.jpg

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Here is another screenshot of a successful single-shot, combined test. The first transmission in the Task Manager display occurred when I initiated the test. Minutes later, the second transmission occurred when the test was finally run. What caused the long delay?

TMN fail to start 2.jpg

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Actually @pcklutz you may have found something here.

@CA3LE , when initiating combined test, the test fails to start, I had to target (reset size) to get the combined test to run. *firefox linux* chromium = the test begins automatically.

I'm still not ruling out firefox extension, I have uBlock Origin installed, but deactivated for testmy.net and all it's servers.

No other extensions on this browser.

Installed uBlock in chromium, no issues.

Firing up a VM of windows 10 w/ firefox atm ..........



Fresh install firefox windows 10 [test does not initiate without clicking (reset size)]  -- though after you have read this I would dare bet you already know what it is.

Test runs fine internet explorer as well as edge {btw second time touching 'edge'} :tongue2:

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Good catch guys, I had noticed it a while back but thought it was a local issue.  The clue that it only does this in firefox helped.


I was able to quickly duplicate the issue and trace back to a fairly recent change, seems that must have been the reason I did it the way it was done originally.  Corrections have been made to the source and propagated to all servers.


Thank you for reporting this, please continue to keep me on my toes.  Your input makes TestMy.net.

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