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Question about the test


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You should be getting the same speed regardless of size.  As Pgoodwin1 is saying, a longer test can be more revealing.  


In my opinion longer test duration gives a more accurate representation of your true average.  It's the reason why TestMy.net gives you the option to run those longer tests. ;)


Cable connections are often designed to burst in the beginning of a download.  TMN is designed to detect this and as long as you haven't told it otherwise it will automatically ramp up your connection with subsequent testing.  Ending with a result that took at least 7 seconds... but if the test forwarded through a couple of sizes your connection would have probably run out of that burst by the time that final test runs.


Last I saw you were on AT&T


Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.38.38 AM.png
I don't know why it's showing a blank provider for you.  Maybe it's because you're a MAsterTroll. photo.jpg


Looking at your results it seems you average between 41 and 48 Mbps down on those smaller tests.  You have some that are higher (65Mbps+) but you also have some much lower (19 Mbps).  Then you seem to average down to about 40 Mbps with the 200 MB test.  


This pattern is consistent in all of your 200 MB results.


It starts out at that nice speed that you're used to seeing on smaller tests.  But it then always trails off to about 30 Mbps.  So I would bet if you went to download a very large file, you'll end up running at about 30 Mbps -- approximately 200 MB into the download... and you probably won't see any positive fluctuation in the speed after that point.  In my opinion, that's a 30 Mbps connection.  A 30 Mbps connection that feels like a 65 Mbps connection.


Test it out.  I just downloaded this Ubuntu ISO at over 20MB/s from Colorado Springs. (try other random mirrors)

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 10.02.48 AM.png


See what speed it settles into, let us know what you find.


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