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Any 4x4 or Jeep Enthusiast here?

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I love off roading.  Right now I'm running a 2015 F150.





Used to have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4" lift and 33" MT's -- I tried to get it stuck, settling into thick boggy mud up to the doors... let it sink in for a while with friends on the sideline in case I got stuck.  It just idled right out of it.  Crazy.  In my truck I wouldn't try half the stuff I did in the Jeep.  Almost flipped that XJ like 5 times... forward, backward, left and right... wheels off the ground, so sketchy I'm telling my passengers, "Okay, now everyone.... slooowly, lean to the right." --- scariest thing we've done in the f150 involved having to drive backward on an icy ledge when the pass was so snowed over it was impossible to move forward.  Scary part was that the truck was slipping off to the ledge side no matter how hard I tried because of grooves in the ice that made the tires want to run with it.  It's fine if you're going forward but going backward it was just bad news.  Probably one of the most hardcore sticky situations I've been in off road.


My favorite off road is riding my quad.  (I ride a really light, 2 stroke, sport quad)  You can get to so many more places so much quicker.  I feel connected on a quad, like I can climb any hill and get past any obstacle.  The Sonoran Desert in Arizona is also MUCH better for off roading that out there in Colorado.  You have more freedom in the desert.


hellcleaner and others, tell some stories about where you 4x4.

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1985 F350 Dually 4x4 (with 77,000 miles). :) Runs 1 1/4 ton, flatbed (obviously), I dropped a plow on the front of it, and a light on the roof.


I'll try and remind myself to take a good picture of it with plow next time I visit my dad. (Moved into a city and apparently they don't like me parking a 24' monstrosity in the apartment parking lot.)

2016-11-27 20.11.40.jpg

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Hi, we don’t have the deserts but certainly the Mud more suitable for light cars with small engines 600cc =  37 cubic inches


or for road fun , same 37 cub engines



Best regards... Roco Europe

BTW the UK is joining Europe in stopping manufacture and sales of Diesel & petrol cars  by 2040  ( 23 years )  guess my descendants will have to get their fun Electric ,


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