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 Head over to testmy.net/mirror 


Which is the test server selector, hang out for a minute and each server will be tested for latency. Look at the end of each test server line.




As well, in the header of testmy.net, over to the right:




Excuse: Some of my results are not as good as they could be, due to tunneling ect.

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You can view a history of these latency tests as follows:


Go to the speed test results page and click the 'MyRT' button below the graph:




This will show a graph of the most recent latency tests automatically carried out each time you visited TestMy while logged in as shown below.


You can click a country, ISP name or device type below the graph to filter the latency tests to that selection.  The graph below is for my account.  I regularly access TestMy over 3G/4G, hence the unusually high figures.  :smile2:




If you click the Details button as highlighted above, this will show the actual actual latency figures, much like the speed test results page:



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