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Show off your SLOWEST internet speedtest

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That reminds me of my previous wireless ISP, which has since been renamed to Bluebox Broadband.  The right image was the slowest upload test that completed as I had many that couldn't even complete the 256KB block.  The left image is from the cellular provider Three.




Surprisingly, Speedtest.net could intermittently deliver 10Mbps test results, which made it practically impossible to get technical support from North West Electronics (Bluebox).  On the one time they called out, they tried charging me for an "unnecessary callout" as they managed to get three ~10Mbps test results with Ookla (after multiple test attempts that failed on their laptop with a network communication error!)


I'm currently on a combination of a 4Mbps DSL connection and a prepaid 4G (LTE) connection, which was barely usable up until recently.  Gigabit Fibre (FTTH) stops 3 lanes from my house.  :(

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