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Export CSV missing test server location

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I had been having low speed test results and could not see why. I just identified that on 30th October at 9:40am the test server was switched from London to Dallas. I should have spotted this earlier. However it would be sensible if the exported CSV identified the server that you are testing to. That way sending results to ISP's you can show differences. Plus I can remove anomalies easier.





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Hi Peter, sorry for not responding sooner.


You can do that by modifying your query.  Whatever you see, is what is exported.  So modify your search to the date range you want, and use the drop down below the graph to show only results from the mirror you want to export... click export and it will only export the results it's showing you.


Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes selecting the results just from a particular server and then exporting does give just the selected test server in the exported file. That solves removing the anomalies if you want just that server. If I wanted to show my ISP test results from different locations I would have to export each server and add in the server location or name the file with evidence. That is all OK for me as I am now sorted with my ISP.

But it would still help to be able to show all of the results in one export that showed the test server location and a special identifier if it was a multi-thread test, (I would not expect all of the tests servers to be named on that one). So perhaps if someone is visiting this area sometime it could be added.

I must keep an eye on the test server location as when GB is not available it drops back to Dallas.


Thanks for a great test site.



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