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4 hours ago, touch29917 said:

I'd like to change the display name on my account. How do I do that?


Just send me a PM with the name you'd like to use.  I'll change it for you. 


Heads up:  The reason it's not enabled where you can do that yourself is because I need to manually run a program to globally edit the results database entries to reflect the change.  In the future those will be tied together so you can change your username yourself.  It's definitely become a more frequent question so that (among many other things) will be definitely built into the site.

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On 12/1/2017 at 8:04 PM, 29930130 said:

@CA3LE I don't want to be  a pest, but I still haven't heard back. to ShakTib , my choice of display name was an unfortunate one and I'd like to change it to a more appropriate one. Nothing indecisive here :-)



I'm sorry @29930130 I'm really backed up with requests and yours was a little more work to take care of.


I need to write a program to change usernames in the database.  I can easily grant people permission to change their own display names right now.  The issue is that your old display name is all over multiple databases across TestMy.net.  We want all of that data to follow you.  Currently I have to manually from the command line search your username, query what databases you're associated with (what hosts have you tested under), then run commands on each associated database to change oldUserName to newUserName.  You have 9 providers plus your host and country... the master DB and other lesser databases also have to be reflected. 


When I noticed your request I was like, "Dude.  For the amount of usernames I've changed I could have written the DB username change program like 20 times now!  This person has a complicated database history... great scenario to build it around."  --  you just happened to catch me right in the middle of building and racking some new hardware.  When I have a spare 20 minutes I'll whip up the program and take care of the few other name change requests I have right now.  Sorry to those who are waiting.

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Hey @CA3LE No worries and Thank You

I didn't realize it was that much work involved and anyway I was more concerned that the issue had fallen between the cracks.

I'm using TestMy pretty frequently to get a log of my speeds to have as a basis for discussions with my ISP ;)

I really appreciate you taking the time and and explaining this too.


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On 01/12/2017 at 10:04 PM, 29930130 said:

... to ShakTib , my choice of display name was an unfortunate one and I'd like to change it to a more appropriate one. Nothing indecisive here :-)



Ahh! No! I was talking in general. Wasn't speaking of you in any negative manner, sorry if it seemed that way.

I see in different forums users request name change a lot. Some forums strictly stick with "no" answer. lol

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