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Multithread Express button is broken on mobile site

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When I perform a multi-thread test on my mobile, it provides an Express button the next time, just like on the desktop website:




When I touch this button, it performs a linear speed test with the Dallas server.  This happens regardless of what servers I choose for the multi-thread test or had chosen for the last Linear test.


When I return to TestMy on my desktop PC, I also get a rather strange configuration at the top right:




For comparison, this is what it shows when I switch to Linear and back to Multi-thread:




When I re-test with the Express button my phone, it tests again in Linear mode with the Dallas server and the top of the page changes back to the upper screenshot.


As it is awkward switching between linear and multi-thread mode on a mobile (especially with the above issue), personally I would also much rather the "Multithread" button (in Linear mode) toggles back to multi-thread mode without taking me to the Multi-thread setup page, i.e. it retains the previously chosen test servers.


At the moment, I carry out most of my multi-thread tests using Netflix's fast.com website as it's a lot quicker than switching between the Linear and multi-thread button, particularly when I'm in a vehicle (e.g. bus) and want to get a multi-thread test while I still have a strong signal. 

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