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What is "excessive BLOAT"


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testmy has always been my high standard for testing. However I do try others to compare. This one says there is excessive bloat and gives and F for a grade. 


The bloat rises to 1400+ during download. This pulls the grade down dramatically. What is bloat and how does it affect? Thanks so much.

The speed doesn't bother me. I'm only paying for 3mbps. And sometimes it rises to that and 3.1 on a sunny day! ;)  Thanks much!  jack  ":-Dx


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This may help





Bufferbloat is the undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data. It is a huge drag on Internet performance created, ironically, by previous attempts to make it work better. The one-sentence summary is “Bloated buffers lead to network-crippling latency spikes.”


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3 hours ago, CA3LE said:

KInda what I understood by a little reading but this does put it in more perspective. One place said you can tweak and tweak Qos (did I remember that right) a lot if you know what you are doing. But newer more expensive modems are beginning to address this. This one I found. I do not promote it or endorse it. I know nothing of it except it's supposed to be dealing with buffer bloat.  Thanks very much for sure!  Jack ":-Dx


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