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Good Day from Don in Wales UK


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I set up Automatic test yesterday to log speeds to present to a potential new ISP;  when I came in last night to switch everything off, the computer was on but 'testmy' and Firefox had closed down... seemed odd, how does that happen on it's own, It wasn't a powercut, because PC stays off. Now, this morning, when I switched the PC on Firefox started up on it's own, never did that before. So I closed it all down and on re-starting it seems to be OK. Anyone got any ideas?


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@Doned , First place to look would be the crash logs in firefox.


You can get to said logs by typing:



If that does not work, you can visit the logs outside of Firefox:


If you can't use the above method because Firefox crashes when it starts, you can also view the reports in files on your computer with the following steps:

  1. Press Windows Key+R on the keyboard. A Run dialog will open.
  2. In the Run dialog, type %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\ and press Enter.


The Crash Reports folder will contain two subfolders: pending and submitted. The submitted folder contains text files for each crash report submitted, with each file containing a crash report ID. For example, a file named bp-031b02bb-26b6-4168-ac0e-2de492090531.txt will contain the following text:

Crash ID: bp-031b02bb-26b6-4168-ac0e-2de492090531



and copy the Crash ID into the search field to view the report.


Per Firefox site

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17 hours ago, Doned said:

No Firefox crashes that match ;  now, I set the Automaatic test going, and when I return 'testmy' is still on the screen but it has logged me out and stopped testing, Wrong setting somewhere ?

Is the test sequence completing?

Have you ever been logged out like this before? It is possible the forum software was restarted for one reason or another, this would likely log everyone off.

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