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Cat 5 and Cat 6 Cables Questions...


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New member here. How important do you think is the quality of LAN Cat 5 or 6 cable from the cable modem gateway to the wireless router? My setup is like this: Internet come in via  Xfinity coaxial cable to the rened gateway which is wireless and has 4 "out" LAN ports. On one of the ports I connected a Etherfast  Cable/DSL Router with 4 ports switch that I am using as a kind of splitter so from this, I split it to an ancient AIrlink 101 MIMO wireless router and the other output from the"switch" goes to PC wired network card. With this setup I have two wireless AP and a wired one. Now the problem is that on each of these 3 connections I get a vastly different speed. On the Wired PC card I get around 40, on the built in AP on the Xfinity Gateway maybe 30 and on the old wireless router connected with LAN cable to to the switch I get 12. All of these speeds are in MB/s. I am using some old no name cables for the connections. Do you think that these cables would be the problem? What is your experience with LAN cables? Should I get Cat 6 Cable or I am OK with Cat 5? Thanks.

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For a short distance at those speeds there's no difference.  If you have Cat-6E or Cat-6A use them but the main benefit of cat-6 over cat-5 is the shielding around the cable.  Allows for less interference so you can run longer distances.  Cat6A can also maintain 10 Gbps over 328 feet where cat-5e can only do 1 Gbps (up to 100 meters or 328 feet).


Here's a nice article on the subject: Cat5 vs Cat6 Cables: What are the Differences?

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